Individual Psychotherapy

45 minute sessions, usually once per week. These individual sessions will focus on personal- growth and overcoming past trauma as well as present obstacles to one’s well-being.


Distanced Couple

Couples Counseling

1 hour sessions, usually once per week. These goal-oriented sessions are focused on the use of productive communication skills to help each couple resolve their day-to-day concerns as well as underlying relationship issues. 

Adolescent Life- Coaching

45 minute weekly sessions designed to help our younger clients (ages 14-18) gain the guidance and counseling that they need at a developmental appropriate level. These sessions focus on self-growth, identity development, aptitude counseling, coping skills, academic issues, emotional regulation, self-esteem and confidence. These sessions are not suitable for school or court mandated therapy. As with adult therapy, these sessions are confidential and the parent/guardian will be included when appropriate.