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Distanced Couple

Individual Psychotherapy

45 minute sessions, usually once per
week. These individual sessions will
focus on personal growth and
overcoming past trauma as well as
present obstacles to one’s well-being.

Couples Counseling

1 hour sessions, usually once per week. These goal-oriented sessions are focused on the use of productive communication skills to help each couple resolve their day-to-day concerns as well as underlying relationship issues.


Adolescent Life-Coaching

45 minute weekly sessions designed to help our younger clients (ages 14-18) gain the guidance and counseling that they need at a developmental appropriate level. These sessions focus on self-growth, identity development, aptitude counseling, coping skills, academic issues, emotional regulation, self-esteem and confidence. These sessions are not suitable for school or court mandated therapy. As with adult therapy, these sessions are confidential and the parent/guardian will be included when appropriate.

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