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These 45-55 minute weekly sessions are designed to help our younger clients gain the guidance and counseling that they need at a developmentally appropriate level.  


Our Adolescent Life Coaching sessions are
right for you if…


  • You are between the ages of 14-17

  • You are struggling with any of the following;

    • Anxiety, Depression, Mood disorders

    • Coping skills or emotional regulation

    • Self-esteem and confidence

    • Identity development

    • Social issues or problems making friends

    • Academic Issues

    • Future planning 

    • Behavioral Issues (non-criminal)




  • You plan on attending weekly sessions for the first 6 months of treatment and you are ready to commit to your personal growth 


  • You understand that these sessions are not suitable for school or court mandated therapy.


  • You understand that, as with adult therapy, these sessions are confidential and the parent/guardian will be included only when needed.

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