Insurance plans accepted:


Healthfirst (including community plan/ Medicaid)




Empire NYSHIP/ Beacon


Blue Cross Blue Shield

GHI Emblem

United Healthcare


Tricare/ Humana

Ultra Benefits Plus

Most insurance plans cover all or most of your mental health services. Certain plans will require that you pay a co-payment and/or a deductible.

Co-payments usually range from $15.00- $60.00 per session, deductible amounts usually range from $200.00- $1500.00 per year.

Accommodations will be made on a case-by-case basis to assure that the cost of your therapy is as affordable as possible.


Without using insurance, self-pay rates are:

$90.00 for Individual 

$125.00 for Couple/ Family

*Please note that community plans and HMO plans do not have out-of-network benefits